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Somatic Soul Mirroring & Trauma Work Testimonials



Lugh Whithall

I feel deeply blessed to have had the chance to work with Mahaya at a particularly challenging and powerfully transformative time in my life. Her calm, open yet grounded presence invites immediate trust and surrender. There are few who possess these qualities to the degree she does. If you are facing a difficult threshold to cross in your life, Mahaya is the one who can help reach the other side.


Holistic Bodywork Testimonials



Maria Latimer

Mahaya's deep compassion and spirituality move her treatments beyond the physical to a more subtle and meaningful level of healing.


Conscious Connected Breathwork Testimonials


Blue Skies

John Kelly

I had my second breathwork session with Mahaya today and I am so happy that I booked a third. Mahaya is a true healer. She is incredibly intuitive with years of experience. I came to these sessions with very little experience with breathwork and was amazed with how transformational the technique she applies can be. I have experimented with various psychedelics and plant medicines, including ayahuasca, and I must admit that this type of breathwork took me to places that were on par with some of my most intense psychedelic experiences.


Group Offerings Testimonials


Jared Dunlop

6 week online Transformative Intensive helped me grow in ways I didn’t even know were possible. Mahaya was able to cater the experience to what the group needed in the moment and helped me develop my facilitation skills as well as ability connect with others in an empowering / liberating manner. Overall, I noticed myself feeling more connected to my purpose and deeper level of satisfaction in all of my relationships in life. Highly recommend!

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