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Release what doesn't serve you    |   Unlock life force 

“I leave the session feeling integrated, like I have

rediscovered something within me, called back

pieces of my soul.” —JoEllen

Discover the healing power of your own breath

  • Relax into deep-healing awareness and connection to spirit
  • Release emotional blockages and low-frequency energy patterns
  • Step into greater self-love, clarity and alignment to your purpose
  • Restore flow and balance to your breath in your daily life 

Wherever we are not breathing, we are not fully living

Conscious Connected Breathwork uses the breath to guide us into relaxed states of deepened awareness, where we unearth and clear subconscious patterns that hold us back from experiencing our full vitality and power.

By elevating oxygen levels and circulating breath to places of stagnation, we experience what can feel like a psychedelic state—or heightened consciousness—connecting us powerfully to our life force energy and sense of purpose. 

Breathwork doesn't need to feel like work

My approach to breathwork is uniquely gentle, without pushing or forcing the breath. I will guide you into a deep-healing, subconscious space using my voice, core affirmations and sound healing. From that place, all that is needed is to surrender and receive what is already there.

I'm here as your guide to make this process as effortless as possible, incorporating channeled icaros and gentle touch as needed to help you align with life force energy and the wave-like circular breathing pattern. 


What to expect

I offer 2-hour sessions for both groups and individuals. Private sessions are an opportunity for deep-healing, hands-on work with your individual breath pattern and blockages. We begin with a dialogue, exploring your intention and what wants to be met. I then guide you into a state of deep presence, laying down on a mat with your eyes closed, as you open to the medicine of your own breath. You'll feel the breath pattern activate a high-frequency electromagnetic vibration throughout the body and mind, raising and transforming lower-frequency energy patterns.

I support this clearing process with healing touch and intuitive energy work, directing the breath to areas of density and opening up the flow of life-force energy. The result is the release of blockages within the physical, emotional, and energetic systems—creating lasting healing, clarity, and alignment to inner guidance, sense of self, and purpose.

After 4-5 sessions, you'll leave with a foundation for how to work with your breath in a way that truly nourishes life.

"I had the good luck of experiencing breathwork with her in order to release trauma. I would compare, in my experience, to an Ayahuasca experience. I would really encourage anyone to try it as a way of releasing tra​uma. So powerful! Mahaya is a beautiful soul that cares about the healing of other brothers and sisters and a amazing space holder."

—TChelo Mayo Martinez

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