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Sat, May 25


Zoom Online

Undiscovered Human: 6 week Online Transformative Journey

Undiscovered Human: 6 week Online Transformative Journey
Undiscovered Human: 6 week Online Transformative Journey

Time & Location

May 25, 2024, 10:30 AM EDT – Jun 29, 2024, 1:00 PM EDT

Zoom Online

About the event

Experience the transformation of the way of your being through Circling (authentic relating), Parts Work and Somatic Embodiment.

Dates: 6 Saturdays, Apr 13th to May 18th 

Time: 10:30 am -1 pm EST

Facilitated by: Mahaya Alina Sikorsky

Location: Zoom, Online

This is an invitation for you to join a safe container of a small, closed group (limited to 6 participants) for the deep dive into self-awareness, healing of emotional wounds, optimizing your potential and an experience of communal support and belonging using the methods of Circling, Parts Work and Somatic Embodiment.


• Learn the art and skill of authentic relating and circling to create enriching and intimate relationships with the people in your life. • Become fully authentic and liberated in your self expression without needing to change or fix anything in your experience. • Experience profound shifts in your connection to self, other and life; and in your ability to live from a place of surrender, truth and aliveness. • Enhance your skills as a leader and/or a space holder. • Surround yourself with like-hearted individuals in a container designed for personal growth and communal connection.


 • It is strongly encouraged to attend at least 5 out of the 6 sessions of the journey.

 • Availability for an additional 1 - 1.5 hour per week for partner exersizes practice. 

The investment for this transformative 6-week experience is $270. Early Bird special is 220$, if paid by April 10th.

If you are feeling a call to join, but the price is not within your budget, please, reach out to explore other forms of energy exchange.


• 6 deep transformational sessions with Mahaya. • A safe space to bravely explore and express yourself. • Access to a supportive and loving community of like-hearted humans. This will include what’s app ongoing group support and accountability body for weekly one on one practice. • Guidance and instructions in the use of a powerful relational modality called Circling. You’ll learn the tools to bring a deeper level of authenticity and intimacy into your relationships, as well as to greatly enhance your skills as a leader and/or a space holder. • What's app group for sharing between the sessions. •  On complition of the intensive, access to additional online weekly circling sessions with Mahaya and the continuous one on one peer support. • A wealth of deep release, understanding, insight, and wisdom emerging from within yourself and vicariously through bearing witness to others humbly wrestling with being human and in relationship.

*For an additional investment of 80$ CA (150$ value) you can, also, sign up for a 1:1 Somatic Soul Mirroring session with Mahaya . A private two hour long session where we will be dropping deeply into YOUR body to explore and release unresolved trauma and stress patterns and to support you in embodying your soul gifts.

Ensure your spot in this enriching journey and connect with like-hearted individuals ready to learn a new way of relating and to expand their horizons.

Once your payment is complete, logistics and the Zoom link for the course will be emailed to you approximately one week before we begin on April 13th.

CANCELLATION POLICY: In case of a cancellation, you will be reimbursed 50% of the original investment. Please, note, to receive the reimbursement, the cancellation notice has to be provided, at least, 48 hours prior to the start of the journey.


Circling is a powerful interpersonal meditation practice, in which mindful awareness is brought to the experience of being ourselves in connection with others. It is a practice of authentic relating, embodied presence, and radical being with – allowing and opening to the fullness of what is here within and between us. This is the core essence of Circling - a practice that has profoundly shaped my journey and that of countless others.

To Learn more about circling: Short trailer from forthcoming Circling documentary: Circling Europe Co-Founder on: ‘Why we’re drawn to Circling’: ‘What is Circling?’:


Parts work is a therapeutic approach that recognizes that individuals have different aspects or "parts" within themselves. These parts can have conflicting emotions, beliefs, and motivations. During our Circling sessions there will be an opportunity to be supported in the exploration and the integration of these parts to promote healing and internal harmony. Thus developing even deeper levels of self-awareness, addressing underlying conflicts, and achieving greater well-being.


We will begin with a short meditation, to cultivate the presence and awareness that are the foundation of Circling. You will then be guided into some one-on-one practices, where we will begin to deepen into our awareness of what it is like to be ourselves in connection. These practices might include presence sharing, noticing games, skillful projections, and other authentic relating exercises. 

After the warm up of Authentic Relating exercises, we will transition into the main part of our journey together - the transformational practice of Circling and/or Circling Based Parts Work. We will finish our Circling journey with a sharing circle and a 20 min of somatic embodiment practice to support the integration.


Mahaya is a trauma informed intuitive healer, psychosomatic therapist and Circling facilitator passionate about authentic connection, loving presence and listening to deep wisdom within.

Her own experience of moving through 20 years of chronic illness led her to deep dive into the world of yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, authentic expression, somatic movement and plant medicine work and to discovering her own gifts of an intuitive, a space holder and a healer.

While still being deeply immersed in her own healing journey, she has embarked onto the path of a space holder more than 15 years ago. Starting as a holistic bodyworker in those earlier days, now, after having undertaken numerous trainings, she mainly works with psychosomatic therapy, breathwork and an intuitive touch to support others on their own journey back home to love and well-being.

Mahaya has discovered Circling practice more than three years ago through an online Connection Institute platform. Recognizing the tremendous healing potential of the practice, she has dedicated the times of pandemic lock downs to immersing herself into the Circling world. The Connection Institute platform has become her home base. After attending hundreds of Circling sessions and experiencing the profound transformation of her own way of being, she is now dedicating herself to using the principles of Circling to support the transformation in others.

For the past two years she has been holding weekly Circling spaces in person at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and online at the Connection Institute. Her Circling sessions have a distinct flavor of presence and spaciousness and, as a psychosomatic therapist, she often incorporates Parts Work & Somatic Embodiment practices into the sessions, to support even greater levels of the therapeutic effect of the work.

She feels deeply inspired about starting to facilitate many weeks long transformational Circling journeys and the potential for individual awakenings and the collective healing that they may bring.

To learn more about Mahaya and her many other offerings, please, visit her website


"6 week online Transformative Intensive helped me grow in ways I didn’t even know were possible. Mahaya was able to cater the experience to what the group needed in the moment and helped me develop my facilitation skills as well as ability connect with others in an empowering / liberating manner. Overall, I noticed myself feeling more connected to my purpose and deeper level of satisfaction in all of my relationships in life. Highly recommend!"  - Jared Dunlop

"Recommend!!! Life changing experience!"  - Jimena Gal

"Circling with Mahaya is a practice that connects me to the present moment and allows me to explore the various ways of being present. I’ve had consciousness expanding experiences and learned so much within this 6 week journey. Thank you so much for being of service, Mahaya! I‘m so grateful for the authentic and vulnerable way you set this special container.

I‘m recommending Mahaya‘s circling journey to anyone who wants to be more present in their life, who wants to explore connection or who is striving to look beyond their patterns of projection." - Yan-Niklas Girnth.

"Truly transformational...I was able to see patterns in my thoughts, emotions, and energy that I had been holding for a very long time and start to release them. I still feel the effects in my daily life now a month later... " - Amy Forestel

"I feel deeply blessed to have had the chance to work with Mahaya at a particularly challenging and powerfully transformative time in my life. Her calm, open yet grounded presence invites immediate trust and surrender. There are few who possess these qualities to the degree she does..." - Lugh Whitthall

"Mahaya is an incredible space holder and her authenticity, warmth and care is deeply healing…" - Will Softmore

"I highly recommend to work with Mahaya. She's incredibly intuitive, gentle, knowledgeable about trauma & nervous system…" - Sasha Sakhar

"I’m not sure I’ve met another being with as much softness, sweetness and gentleness as Mahaya, which radiates through her as strong and unwavering compassion. I believe this gift and expression that comes through Mahaya to be essential when doing such deep, trauma-oriented healing work, as it creates a sense of complete safety within the nervous system so that true release and alchemy can occur." - Sar Aurora Lenor

"Our session is still reverberating through my body. Thank you for holding space and seeing all of me, helping me see and start to love all of me..." - Sasha Khana

"Simply one of the most anchored and healing presences I've met in this life..." - Blaine William


  • Early Bird

    +$5.50 service fee



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